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2009  - 12th Autumn Festival



Obviously, this 12th edition of the Fall Festival in Creuse will be an excellent vintage. As proof, the diversity of the music on offer. The originality of the program, combining music, painting, photography, cinema, will delight all jazz lovers.
The agreements of Jo Privat and his musette swing, the sounds of Bechet and Cuban rhythms will resonate from La Souterraine to Gentioux, passing through Bonnat and Saint-Amand-Jartoudeix, making these days, the meeting of music without borders.
This musical presence, in rural communities and throughout the departmental territory particularly appeals to me, because it makes music accessible to all. The General Council supports this festival which will once again demonstrate that we can - and this is the strength of the associative world - link the words "popular" and "quality".

We congratulate the animation team, all the volunteers who worked hard for the success of these
Musical meetings, to, over the years, make this department "a land of jazz".
Good festival to all !

Jean-Jacques Lozach, President of the General Council of Creuse, Senator of Creuse

Jazz would have been invented in a ballroom in New Orleans by Buddy Bolden in 1884. Whether it is a legend or not, it is certain that the link between jazz and dance dates from the origins and that the history of this symbiosis will last until the day when jazz, never ceasing to evolve, will rather become concert music, thus pushing the dancers to take refuge in music derived from jazz: rhythm'n'blues, soul, rock ' n'roll, funk and today rap or hip hop.
Respectful of its history, we therefore wanted to offer you evenings where jazz will meet dance, where everyone can, if they wish, sketch a few steps from charleston, lindy hop, boogie-woogie, tap dancing and even of Latin jazz with the extraordinary Cuban Habana Sax group!
We also wanted, in this commemorative year, to pay a much-deserved tribute to one of the greatest figures of jazz that was Sidney Bechet by inviting one of his best French disciples: Alain Meaume. In addition, fighting against the chapel wars to better promote jazz in all its forms, we strongly invite you to come and discover the world of our current creators such as François Jeanneau and his Bernica Octet or Denis Leloup during his concert “A three times ”.


Finally and to conclude, how can we ignore the beautiful exhibition of paintings by our friend and President Claude Laroudie that we encourage you to visit during this 12th Fall Festival in Creuse!


To all, a very good festival and… keep swingin '!


Thierry Bourguignon, Art Director

At a time for which each event is dissected, statistically, audience-rated, we make an extremely simple observation that puts us at heart: you are more and more numerous to attend the swinging and pulsating events of Jazz at La Sout.
Before the war the Zazous were born, after the war, the Cave Rats; not long ago the Digitabulolavoplanchists appeared who exercise their art on sheets more or less wavy, their fingers covered with thimbles. Today, it is clear that before our amazed eyes have just seen the day “jazzalasoutophiles”, unconditional followers of the phalanges who slap in marking the tempo and toes which hit the ground in time. This neologism should henceforth be an integral part of your vocabulary.
Let the “jazzalasoutophobes” (unprotected endangered species) reassure themselves: we think of them and we offer them a festive and convivial method to face the crisis and the gloomy mood.

Join our ranks and attend the Jazz concerts at Sout without moderation !!!


Jazzmity to all.

Claude Laroudie, President of Jazz at La Sout, 1st Vice-president of Musique (s) en Marche

2008  - 11th Autumn Festival

A word from the Director


The Autumn Festival in Creuse de Jazz at La Sout is today a major cultural event in our region.


With nearly 2000 spectators last year, a program ranging from traditional jazz to creative jazz, regional artists as well as national and international renown, diverse places both in town and in the countryside, rich and varied partnerships, this appointment is fully in line with a cultural policy of quality, proximity and for all. The 2008 festival will be no exception to the rule. It will even have a very special resonance thanks to the talent and charm of our Ladies, guests of honor of this 11th edition.

Finally, how not to thank the volunteers, the public, the artists, the technicians and the various partners who remain the architects of this beautiful and wonderful human adventure.

Very good festival to all.

Thierry Bourguignon, Art Director

A word from the President


The Jazz Autumn Festival at La Sout promises to be auspicious!


This year, to jazz, we have added a pinch of elegance and a zest of charm since this festival is dedicated to female jazz with, as a highlight (if I dare say) two keyboard fairies, Rhoda Scott and Carine Bonnefoy.

Pleasure for the ears, pleasure for the eyes, but also for the taste buds because gourmets will not be forgotten. Always with the same spirit of simplicity, friendship and friendliness that drives the Jazz team at La Sout, the guest artists and the public, here are three weeks to taste all the universes of jazz in churches and the rooms of our beautiful department in the Creuse.

Jazzically yours.

Claude Laroudie, President of Jazz at La Sout, 1st Vice-president of Musique (s) en Marche

Tour de Creuse Jazz à La Sout 2008

2007  - 10th Autumn Festival

10 years of festival


While in France festivals are finding it increasingly difficult to live, the Jazz team at La Sout begins with this event a year of festivities to celebrate its ten years of existence.

An opportunity to take stock, in pictures, of the magic moments shared with the family as a family. A decade made of music, meetings, and of course friendships ...

A word from the President


When I arrived at Jazz at La Sout, a few months ago, I was surprised by the simplicity and the friendship that unite the members of this association. These two essential qualities make the invited artists experience a real pleasure to come and perform in our region as the reception which is reserved for them is most warm.
Also, I hope that for a long time, with this same team, we will continue to bring to life this spirit conducive to meetings and deep friendships, and offer you jazz performances always of very high quality.

Jazzically yours.

Claude Laroudie, President of Jazz at La Sout, 1st Vice-president of Musique (s) en Marche

A word from the Director


Music is popular when it reaches a large and varied audience. A festival is popular when it promotes the meeting of audiences of different social and cultural origins. It is in this spirit that the Jazz Festival at La Sout, now the Festival d'Automne en Creuse, has developed for almost a decade. Thus, this 10th edition will not derogate from the rule: eclecticism and of course quality should be at the rendezvous with traditional jazz, be-bop, swing or even creative jazz.

Finally that happiness!

Thierry Bourguignon, Art Director

2006  - 9th Autumn Festival

President's editorial


If biguine is not found anywhere else than in the French Antilles, its birth and evolution are in many ways comparable to that of jazz.

Like Louis Armstrong in New Orleans for traditional jazz, the clarinetist Alexandre Stellio, thanks to his talent and his notoriety, will remain the West Indian musician who allowed the biguine to get out of his condition of “local folklore” to become a fully-fledged and recognized musical trend across Europe. At that time, many musicians followed suit such as Eugène Delouche, Felix Falvert, Ernest Léardée, Al Lirvat, Robert Mavounzy… And today, Alain Jean-Marie, Eddy Louiss, David Fackeure or Gérard Tarquin, all embody with happiness and talent, each in their own way, the osmosis between jazz and Caribbean music.

From be-bop to Creole mazurka, from biguine to Latin-jazz, from swing to the Caribbean waltz, so many spicy, sunny and mixed feelings await you during this 9th Autumn Festival in Creuse de Jazz à La Sout.


To all, a very good festival!


Thierry Bourguignon, President

Logo Jazz à La Sout aux Antilles

2006  - 8th Autumn Festival

Affiche Jazz à La Sout édition 2005


Jazz l When humor meets jazz…

Drawings by Blachon, Bridenne and Samson


From October 21 to November 5, 2005 l during normal opening hours

Espace de l'Ecluse l La Souterraine

Fayolle l Guéret area


Blachon, Bridenne and Samson, all three great sports specialists, detail with a vivid imagination on the verge of delirium their vision of jazz artists. Because in effect, is the mountaineer attacking Everest so far from the double bass player attached to his instrument ... does the fencer have nothing in common with the trombonist ...? So many questions to which these three artists found the most surprising answers, sometimes naughty, often silly and always funny ...





Caroline Jazz Band (Montpellier l France)


Friday October 21, 2005 l 8:30 p.m.

Espace de l'Ecluse l La Souterraine


With a disconcerting ease, a complicity, a know-how and a humor restoring the very spirit of jazz, the Caroline Jazz Band leads us with frenzy in a repertoire inspired by Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Sony Rollins, but also Louis Prima and Louis Jordan, without forgetting the era of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Their music will not leave you indifferent with swing, always swing…


Denis Carterre, trombone - Henry Donnadieu, tenor saxophone - Bruno Brau, guitar and banjo - Yves Buffetrille, double bass - Michel Mozet, drums


Free (Limited number of places, please reserve)



Departmental Orchestra of Creuse (Guéret l France)


Saturday October 22, 2005 l 8:30 p.m.

Espace de l'Ecluse l La Souterraine


Bringing together musicians from the instrumental ensembles of the department, the Creuse Departmental Orchestra approaches each season an original program allowing it to work regularly with professional artists. This orchestra of variable geometry will interpret for the occasion the standards of the great jazz bands and will pay particular tribute to George Gershwin, Claude Nougaro and Glenn Miller.


Thierry Bourguignon, direction


Full price: € 12 l Group price: € 8.50 l Reduced price: € 6 l Child price: € 3 l Locked Price: € 9.20

(in partnership with the Espace de l'Ecluse and the Departmental Union of Musical Societies of Creuse)



Caribbean Voices (Limoges l France)


Sunday October 23, 2005 l 4:00 p.m.

Church of Saint-Sulpice-le-Dunois


Born in the heart of the Dixieland plantations, the black American south, the negro-spiritual and the gospel continue to transmit to us the memory and the tradition of black slavery mixed with strong religious convictions. The Caribbean Voices have chosen this unique repertoire that offers hope and joie de vivre through a message of peace and love. All the themes, far from being interpreted in a traditional way, are almost recreated, and the symbiosis which reigns within the group is remarkable.


Raymond Agad, tenor and soloist u Céline Coucaud, soprano - Eliane Pétremont, viola - Hugues Pétremont, bass - Anthony Bellingard, guitar


Full price: € 7 l Reduced price: € 5 l Free up to 12 years accompanied

(in partnership with the Municipality of Saint-Sulpice-le-Dunois)




Biography and dramatic film by Taylor Hackford ● 2003 ● 2 h 32


Tuesday, October 25, 2005 l 8:30 p.m.

Cinema Eden l La Souterraine


Ray Charles is first and foremost a myth: five decades of an exceptional musical career, interspersed with dozens of classics that have toured the world and inspired generations of young artists. Behind this legendary image looms the moving and unknown route of a man who succeeds in overcoming his handicaps and his personal dramas. A film marked by the dazzling performance of the actor Jamie Foxx which carries with enthusiasm the energy, the convictions and the fights of a creator who did not stop at breaking down musical barriers.


Single price: € 4.90

(in partnership with Cinéma Eden)


Young Audience Show


The Swing Affair (Maquens l France)


Wednesday, October 26, 2005 l 2:30 p.m.

Espace de l'Ecluse l La Souterraine


The song is an inexhaustible source for those who want to know the history of jazz. This Pyrenean quartet makes it their business: a surprising New Orleans swing performance, tinged with Dixieland, traditional standards, copper melodies and pieces chosen from the world of swing, to which are added a few pieces of French song covers and revisited as well as personal compositions. The business is not to follow, but to swing! To discover with your family…


Jérome Vacquie, soprano saxophone and vocals - Pascal Pezot, tenor saxophone and vocals - Eric Gilles, banjo and vocals - Marc Oriol, tuba and vocals


Full price: 8 € l Reduced price and group: 6 € l Child price up to 12 years accompanied: 3 €

Friday, October 28, 2005 l 8:30 p.m.

Multipurpose room l Guéret


Gilbert Leroux washboard group (Paris l France)

With the humor that we know him, a sensitivity on the surface and a great virtuosity, Gilbert Leroux, considered as the European specialist in washboarding, will deliver some of his best pieces to us.


Patrick Richardon, piano - Cyril Guyot, clarinet and saxophone - Gilbert Leroux, washboard


Jazzola l Marcel Azzola and Dany Doriz Quintet (Paris l France)

Jazzola marks the natural meeting of two great musicians, Marcel Azzola on the accordion and Dany Doriz on the vibraphone. The timbres of their instruments complement each other wonderfully. Their lyricism - almost vital to the melody - is intuitive and fiery. Their repertoire, made of a skilful balance between standards and personal compositions, leaves plenty of room for humor, freshness and originality. An exciting dialogue, supported by an impeccable rhythm not to be missed under any circumstances!


Marcel Azzola, accordion - Dany Doriz, vibraphone - Philippe Duchemin, piano - Patricia Lebeugle, double bass - Didier Dorise, drums


Full price: 25 € l Group price: 20 € l Reduced price: 15 € l Free up to 12 years accompanied

Reservations at the Tourist Office of La Souterraine and at the Crescendo Store in Guéret

(in partnership with the Société des Accordéonistes Guérétois and the City of Guéret)



Nara Lisboa Quartet (Porto Allegre l Brazil)


Saturday October 29, 2005 l 8:30 p.m.

Festival Hall l Saint-Etienne and Saint-Pierre de Fursac

In this year from Brazil to France, Nara Lisbôa, a committed Brazilian singer, and Bernard Brun, French guitarist and composer, are contributing very well to the fusion of these two cultures. Both combine with delight and talent bossa nova and blues, samba and jazz, traditional Brazilian music and personal compositions for our greatest pleasure. A moment of escape with Latin American accents!


Nara Lisboa, vocals - Bernard Brun, guitar - Jorge Lacerda, bass - Luis Gama “Pelé”, percussion


Full price: € 7 l Reduced price: € 5 l Free up to 12 years accompanied

(in partnership with the Festival Committee and the Communes of Saint-Etienne and Saint-Pierre-de-Fursac)



Lewis Titi Jazz Band (La Souterraine l France)


Sunday October 30, 2005 l 5:00 p.m.

Festival Hall l San Sebastian

Beware danger - stop - After a brilliant summer tour, the Lewis Titi Jazz Band will rage again - stop - Not content to restore the spirit of New Orleans jazz with a rock-solid rhythm and unbridled improvisations, they attack each other in addition to the post-war swing repertoire and the humor song - stop - Be careful because nothing will be spared you from the many texts by Boby Lapointe, Charles Trenet, Francis Blanche and many others - stop - Prepare you laugh because they will not spare you! - stop.


Viviane Gégout, vocals - Michel Doursout, vocals - Lionel Raffin, clarinet - Céline Poggioli, baritone saxophone - Michel Desbois, banjo - Thierry Bourguignon, washboard


Full price: € 7 l Reduced price: € 5 l Free up to 12 years accompanied

(in partnership with the Festival Committee and the Municipality of San Sebastian)


Dinner Concert

Frankye Kelly Quartet (San Francisco l USA)


Monday, October 31, 2005 l 7:30 p.m.

Espace de l'Ecluse l La Souterraine

It was on the roads of Europe and then in Detroit, following his military father in his various assignments, that Frankye Kelly discovered his taste for singing. Influenced as much by her experience as a chorister and soloist in the church as by the greatest singers such as Sarah Vaughan or Ella Fitzgerald, she quickly established herself as one of the best jazz and cabaret singers on the West Coast. She multiplies concerts and meetings, hosts a televised jazz show and invests in young people to introduce them to this music. A unique voice to discover absolutely as part of an exceptional tour in France.


Frankye Kelly, voice - Yannick Chambre, piano - Pascal Fauny, double bass - Marc Verne, drums


Adult rate: € 22 l Child rate (up to 12 years old): € 8 l Drinks not included


Aperitif Concert

Triocéphale (Paris l France)


Friday, November 4, 2005 l 6.30 p.m.

Fayolle l Guéret area

Vocal group made up of four singing instrumentalists, Triocéphale distills a cocktail of French songs, sprinkled with swing, spicy biguine and a touch of mambo, vitamin of boogie-woogie, all shaken between jazz and java. His unusual arrangements refresh the great classics of Trenet, Vian, Salvador, Brassens ... Triocéphale, they are also new songs concocted by their care with humor and tenderness.


Eric Luter, trumpet and song - Bernard Mercier, piano, arrangements and song - Frédéric Peslier, guitar and song - Claude Cueillens, double bass and song


Full price: € 11 l Students, high school and college students price: € 6.50 l Espace Fayolle subscribers price: € 6.50 l Jobseekers price: € 2.80 l Free up to 10 years accompanied



Martial Solal Trio (Paris l France)


Saturday, November 5, 2005 l 8:30 p.m.

Espace de l'Ecluse l La Souterraine

Is it still necessary to present Martial Solal, the superlative pianist and first French musician to have obtained the prestigious Jazzpar Prize (commonly called the Nobel Jazz Prize) in 1999.

“Martial is part of the small world of great pianists whose language is immediately recognizable. Without doubt the only one in France. His transcendental virtuosity, envied by many classics, makes him the direct heir of Art Tatum. Parodies, bubbling arpeggios, terrifying octaves (especially for other pianists!), With him virtuosity rises to the rank of Art. "(François Couturier, pianist)


Martial Solal, piano - François Moutin, double bass - Louis Moutin, drums


Full price: 25 € l Group price: 20 € l Reduced price: 15 € l Free up to 12 years accompanied

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