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PHOTOLIM 87 - Collective of photographers from Limousin


The PHOTOLIM87 association is an association created in 2006 with the aim of offering photographers a regional associative structure capable of bringing them together and federating them through common projects.

Various activities are offered to PHOTOLIM87 members, monthly meetings for all members, training, exhibitions or field trips, partnerships with various players in the economic and cultural activity of the Limousin region.

The key word of PHOTOLIM87 is "sharing": sharing of experiences, sharing of knowledge and above all sharing of a passion: photography is an adventure where everyone brings their time, their experience, and feeds on ideas and the skills of the other photographers of the association.


CREUSOGRAPHY - Association of amateur photographers in Creuse


The Creusography association brings together amateur photographers who wish to share their passion.


It brings together people of different photographic levels and backgrounds.


One of the association's goals is to share knowledge so that everyone can progress. To do this, it organizes training and workshops led by its members, photo walks on various themes, followed by evenings where everyone can exchange impressions and advice on the images produced.


Members also provide advice and information during hotlines open to all, members and non-members, in the association's premises located in Guéret, 19 Avenue Fayolle.


Creusographie organizes exhibitions to introduce a wider audience to the work of its members. They enhance the work of each person and finalize the goal of photography which is to be seen and not to "sleep" in a hard drive.


Creusographie forges privileged relations with its environment, cultural in particular, privileged grounds for demanding photographic exercises, sometimes difficult, but very formative.


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