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2019 - 22nd Autumn Festival

A Festival in the wind


A must for music lovers, from the most loyal to the curious, the Jazz à la Sout festival continues on its way, according to the wind, the theme of this 22nd edition.


This year, a great program to transport us on a journey with multiple sounds. A roaming in the heart of the Roaring Twenties, in the great American tradition of the blues, to the sound of clarinets, trombones and trumpets, in the footsteps of Django Reinhardt, in a light, lively, sparkling jazz.

A musical nomadism, to the tunes of New York and New Orleans, which breathes the rebellious spirit of jazz: from La Souterraine to Evaux-Les-Bains, from Mérinchal to Saint-Vaury, from Bourganeuf to Boussac.

From the first notes started, spectators invited to dance can then let their bodies sketch a few steps of lindy hop, charleston or jitterbug, and why not, give voice to the revisited songs of Starmania.

This major and renowned musical event, we owe it to the determination and professionalism of the Musique (s) en Marche association, its president and its forty volunteers, who bring this festival to life and jazz up the Creuse!


Thank you to them and good festival to all!


Valérie Simonet, President of the Department of Creuse

The rich program of the 22nd autumn festival organized by the Jazz team at La Sout once again highlights the Creuse region, rich in beautiful projects carried out by local associations and their volunteers.


This year again, the roaming of the concerts is an invitation to come in large numbers to taste the quality of this musical event. This cultural openness organized throughout the territory of the Creuse has, for 22 years, become the hallmark of the autumn festival and we will be pleased to participate in the 14 concerts of the 2019 edition entitled "Au gré du vent", which gives pride of place to wind instruments.


This event grew gradually to reach the dimension of a festival whose quality requirement met the recognition of many partners.


Its artistic programming and its educational dimension make it an undisputed and incontestable reference thanks to the links woven with the cinema, the departmental conservatory of Music Emile Goué, or even health establishments.


Jazz is a musical style apart which accepts no definition, because it is as complex and changing as a human being. Jazz is charming, he knows how to soak up other music to evolve and reinvent himself which allows him not to find himself imprisoned and to continue to flourish.


For many years, the State has been a privileged and loyal partner of this event, in particular through funding from Europe, the Regional Directorate for Cultural Affairs, the Regional Health Agency.


Here, I would like to thank all those who bring to life, thanks to their investment and their dynamism, this beautiful artistic initiative which contributes to the animation of the territory and to better living together.


I wish you a great 2019 season.


Magali Debatte, Prefect of Creuse

It is always with the same and great pleasure that we will welcome you for this 22nd edition of the Festival d'Automne en Creuse de Jazz à la Sout.

During this 2019 session devoted to wind instruments, nearly 80 highly talented artists will come to meet you for strong moments of emotion and sharing.


It is important to remember, however, that this essential jazz meeting in Creuse could not take place without the tremendous commitment of many of you.


So thank you first of all to the shock team of this festival, made up of passionate and caring volunteers, who together contribute greatly to the family and friendly atmosphere that has reigned since the very first edition.


Thank you to the permanent staff of Musique (s) en Marche as well as to the technicians for their unfailing involvement in the organization and running of this event.

Thank you to the artists for their talent and sincerity.

Thank you also to the many public and private partners for their important and unwavering support.

Thank you to the municipalities and their associations for the quality and warmth of their welcome.


Finally, thank you to you, dear public, who allow by your presence, always more numerous and faithful, the sustainability of this cultural event which participates in the economic development of its territory, in its promotion and promotion.

As you can see, our festival is above all a great human adventure, long-term and based on trust, loyalty, altruism and respect; values ​​carried and defended since always by the association Musique (s) en Marche.


Very good festival to all


Françoise PHILBET, President of Musique (s) en Marche

Thierry Bourguignon, Director of Music (s) en Marche

2018  - 21st Autumn Festival



It is a great pleasure to meet you for the 21st edition of the Autumn Festival in Creuse de Jazz at La Sout which this year will give VOICE! Permanently registered in our territory and eagerly awaited by festival-goers, this cultural event brings together and irrigates a true spirit of conviviality and sharing around a music of interbreeding and freedom: jazz.

This event could not exist without the presence of a formidable team of volunteers, without the strong involvement of the professionals of Musique (s) en Marche, without the commitment of all our partners and the loyalty of an enthusiastic public. Thank you very much to everyone.

The Festival has been able to adapt its concept to the specificities of our rural territory and develop its resources and assets by relying on the dynamism of the associative fabric, local cultural players and all of the partner communities. The principle of a high quality artistic requirement was laid down from the start of this adventure and determines its programming. The public can thus discover talented artists, used to prestigious stages both in France and abroad and who come to this festival - whose reputation continues to grow - to perform in the halls of our towns, simply because they are won over by the Jazz à la Sout spirit and the warm welcome they receive.

Finally, one of the singularities of this festival remains its mobility. Its itinerant nature arouses encounters, contributes to reaching the widest possible audience and thus to reduce the territorial inequalities of access to culture.

The objective of Musique (s) en Marche is not to create a simple enchanted parenthesis around an ephemeral event - was it a "magic" moment! - but to generate, over time, social ties around unifying projects and spaces of solidarity.

This 21st edition will take you on a journey with multiple sounds carried by VOICES. Singing is the source of jazz music when African-Americans enslaved in cotton fields sang work songs containing hidden messages of resistance and hope. The spirit of jazz is nourished by the depth of these songs which touch on universal themes and which have their place among the great human testimonies. This is the case, for example, of the negro-spirituals whom Marguerite Yourcenar said that they "are part of the poetic heritage of humanity".

Jazz is, from the beginning, a music of creation and of the moment, an unpredictable music which takes against conformism and received ideas. It is a space of improvisation and freedom that makes this timeless music with a rebellious soul, a universal language, a true "art of living" that we invite you to share during these three swinging weeks. Very nice festival to all.


Françoise Philbet, President of Musique (s) en Marche

Thierry Bourguignon, Director of Music (s) en Marche

2017  - 20th Autumn Festival

On October 23, 1998, the first edition of the Festival Jazz à La Sout was born. On October 13, 2017, the inaugural evening of the 20th edition will take place. What a long way! So much memories !

This essential fall cultural event marks, from its inception, the desire to promote jazz music in all its forms to the widest possible audience. Of the 24 musicians present at La Souterraine in 1998 for 3 evenings, this year nearly 130 musicians will come to perform for 15 concerts in 11 localities in the department. These figures testify to the success of this itinerant Festival which owes its success above all to the action of a team of passionate and motivated volunteers, to the faithful support of public and private partners, the media, and the assiduous presence of an audience enthusiastic and the participation of sincere and committed artists.

During these many years and in connection with this event, we have not stopped wondering about the means to be implemented to carry out a real policy of cultural democratization and popular education. This leitmotif gave meaning to our project and led us to question ourselves, to innovate, to take new paths ... Faced with difficulties, doubt could sometimes win our hearts and minds but never succeeded in destroy our determination.

Also, the strength of this festival lies in its ability to bring together, to unite, to allow people to meet when they never had the opportunity to do so, and all in a benevolent spirit of exchange and sharing.

But how can we summarize in just a few lines 20 years of passion, commitment, meetings, discoveries, emotions…? Perhaps taking inspiration from Balzac: "What could be more complete than silence"!

In any case, a big thank you to each of you who, from near or far, allowed us to begin, to live and today to continue this great human and artistic adventure. Excellent festival to all and… keep swingin '!


Thierry Bourguignon

Artistic director



In 1997, Thierry Bourguignon - then Director of the Société Philharmonique de La Souterraine - had the idea of ​​bringing together jazz enthusiasts and creating a festival to share the pleasure of playing together and making a style of music often accessible to as many people as possible. qualified (wrongly) as elitist. Jazz at La Sout signs its birth certificate and organizes in 1998 its first festival. Wanting to initiate a jazz festival in the rural living area that is ours may have seemed to be an unusual or even extravagant idea at the outset. Make it last, a challenge ...

In 2006, Yves Furet - Mayor of La Souterraine and 1st Vice-president of the General Council - understanding the interest of such an artistic event for the vitality and the promotion of our territory, notes the fact that this festival becomes a departmental cultural event . The adventure is underway ... It continues. And we are very happy to propose to you for this 2017 edition to celebrate together the 20th edition of the Autumn Festival in Creuse de Jazz at La Sout.

How to explain this exceptional longevity when in recent years festivals have been in turmoil, threatened by the fall in subsidies? From the outset, the fundamentals of the project were set: making access to culture possible for everyone and everywhere by going as close as possible to the Creusoises and Creusois. Jazz, in all its diversity and richness, will be the tool to both invite you to discover this music of universal expression and make this festival a place of musical and human encounters. Over time, initiatives and actions have certainly evolved but their identity has remained the same (...).


The Festival d'Automne en Creuse de Jazz at La Sout has gained national and international renown by inviting renowned and talented artists, but it has kept its soul. It is much more than a series of concerts: it is a convivial celebration, an opportunity for meetings, exchanges and sharing. So come and join us to celebrate with the whole team of Musique (s) en Marche this 20th anniversary which promises to be grand!


Françoise Philbet

President of Jazz at La Sout, 1st Vice-president of Musique (s) en Marche




2016  - 19th Autumn Festival

What a pleasure to find you for this 19th edition after moments of disappointment, despondency and doubts following the decrease of almost 50% of our departmental subsidy. Faced with such a situation, we were forced to consider all possible scenarios until that of the outright cancellation of this event. However, this was without counting on the determination, courage and mobilization of all the members of Musique (s) en Marche and the Jazz festival at La Sout to maintain this beautiful and essential cultural event of the 'autumn. Yet a pitfall quickly imposed itself on us: how to maintain a quality requirement with much less means? So, we had no other choice than to drastically reduce the number of meetings - from twenty-two to eleven - and consequently the duration of the Festival - from four weeks to one.

This 2016 edition will honor, thanks to talented artists, some great performers who have marked the history of jazz. From Errol Garner to Django Reinhardt via Ray Charles or Louis Prima, each concert will immerse you in a particular atmosphere which should undoubtedly delight you fully.

We know how much interest you have in this Festival; The number of spectators, which has been growing every year for almost 20 years, shows this. We would like to thank you for your support, your great loyalty and we hope to welcome you even more numerous this year, while harboring the hope of finding us all together next year, to celebrate the 20th edition!


Very good festival to all

Thierry Bourguignon, Art Director



From La Souterraine to Saint Feyre, from Guéret to Faux-la-Montagne, the Creuse welcomes jazz, an energetic and cheerful jazz to dance, a virtuoso and melodic jazz to dream of. Jazz solo, quartet, jazz that pays homage but opens up to contemporary, popular jazz in all its forms, between dinner, concert and conference…

Admittedly, the subsidy allocated to the organizers has decreased, a constrained choice, but assumed, in view of the challenges facing the Department. However, the Departmental Council of Creuse remains a partner of this event, and recognizes the full involvement of the members and volunteers, numerous and loyal who have succeeded in offering a diversity and quality of programming, for a wide territorial distribution, with a magnificent panel of artists: composers, musicians, singers.

For the followers and the novices, the big and the small, it is a jazz in photos, in concerts, in cinema… Already the feet tremble, the fingers snap. And in these still haunted moments of violence and anxiety, our hearts are open to celebration, joy ... and swing.


Valérie Simonet, President of the Departmental Council of Creuse


In Creuse, 2016 is a very difficult year for associations, and for cultural associations in particular; it is a sad reality. However, I have two news to tell you, a good one and ... a good one!

The first: despite the significant decrease in our departmental subsidy this year, we are here, faithful to our annual meeting and, know it, very happy to be here for the 19th edition of the Festival d'automne in Creuse de Jazz at The Sout.

The second: despite the difficulties they have to face, certain communities have made the political choice (in the noble sense) to maintain their aid and their support for the associative world which is one of the pillars of democratic social and cultural life, and the stone of living together in Creuse… and elsewhere. It is a great comfort. They know the importance of the social and economic impacts of cultural organizations and their role in enhancing and affirming the identity of a territory and its inhabitants. By being by our side, they sidestep the prejudices that want to consider culture as elitist, minority, even useless.

The departmental grant made it possible to bring a musical aesthetic, jazz, as close as possible to the Creusoises and Creusois as part of the decentralization of a program of concerts of very high artistic quality in small municipalities throughout our territory. The survival of our Festival has necessitated making difficult choices by reducing the amplitude of the concerts and by refocusing only on halls with a large capacity and fitted out on the stage. It is a real heartbreaker that goes against the philosophy of our Festival.

With Ivan Renar, ardent promoter of cultural policy, I would like to say: "To the militants of sharing the Beautiful, the Sensitive, the Emotion and the Imagination that you are or that you will be, I do not need to say that culture is neither a luxury nor a superfluity; it is essential. "

Come share with us these magnificent and magical moments of music and friendship.

Very nice festival to all.


Françoise Philbet, President of Jazz at La Sout,

1st Vice-president of Musique (s) en Marche

2015  - 18th Autumn Festival



This new edition on the theme "Keep Swinging" is based on a double anniversary: ​​the 18 years of the Autumn Festival and the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War.

The Autumn Festival in Creuse de Jazz at La Sout is no longer a local festival, but a cultural event expected and recognized outside our department. "Jazz for everyone and everywhere" is the motto of the organizers. It is a dozen municipalities accustomed to these meetings that give you an appointment to make you live joyful, frenzied, moving, and sometimes nostalgic musical moments.

The association Musique (s) en Marche, by the quality of its programming, its know-how and the motivation of its volunteers offers us once again surprising shows to the rhythm of Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, Maxine Sullivan and many others. 'other.

To note this year, the performance of the Jazz Ensemble of the Conservatory of Guéret which is associated with this event of culture and sharing.

I thank the organizers and the volunteers, without whom this festival, today renowned, could not have developed. The Department of Creuse supports and accompanies this festival, and I wish you all great moments of sharing, joy and conviviality.


Valérie Simonet, President of the Departmental Council of Creuse

"Let the swing land!" Music of liberation, jazz will forever remain the music of deliverance. Said Cabu. This quote takes on a very special echo in this year 2015 - 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War and disappearance of its author. Cabu passionately loved jazz and crunched swing, musicians and festivals on his notebooks with humor and poetry. The program for this 18th edition of the Autumn Festival in Creuse de Jazz at La Sout offered by Musique (s) en Marche (MEM) pays tribute to this period and to the newfound freedom.

Bringing jazz to the heart of rural life in the context of decentralized concerts, drawing on local dynamics, and making the Autumn Festival in Creuse de Jazz at La Sout, A FESTIVAL FOR ALL, is a fundamental focus of our project. It is also to participate, to contribute, with the holding of this festival and the actions carried out by Musique (s) en Marche all year round - towards youth, disabled audiences and other solidarities - in the democratization of culture, a common good which must be accessible to all and allow everyone to find the means for personal fulfillment and civic emancipation.

In its 18 years of existence, the "small" rural festival has become a major cultural event, both in our region but also in the jazz world where it is recognized for the quality of its programming, the seriousness of its organization and the friendliness of its welcome.

This festival is not a simple formula imagined to punctually liven up a living space, even rural! It is a state of mind made up of rich musical experiences, beautiful encounters, sharing with artists and the public, always more numerous, which makes you want to look at our territory differently and to consider rurality as a specificity, a opportunity to transform into a resource.

Jazz à La Sout is ready, with the support of partners permanently invested in constructive collaborations, with its public, its professionals and its volunteers, to take up new challenges and to embark on new artistic and human adventures.

Very nice festival to everyone.


Françoise Philbet, President of Jazz at La Sout, 1st Vice-president of Musique (s) en Marche

In 1945, France, finally liberated, sang In the Mood, Moonlight serenade or even American patrol by the trombonist and famous conductor Glenn Miller. After five trying years, the swing, symbol of freedom, celebration and joy, enchanted the clubs of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. In this year of the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, we wanted to make you relive this very special atmosphere by honoring several big names who popularized this style such Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Benny Goodman, Jimmie Lunceford, Boris Vian, Django Reinhardt… Even today, this musical trend has had incredible success with all audiences, but also for twenty years in the eyes of young dancers who have chosen to put it back on the scene the famous "lindy hop" born in the late 1920s. Through fifteen concerts, a masterclass, two exhibitions and three screenings, our department will therefore swing for almost a month by welcoming no less than 110 renowned artists regional, national or even international.

"The swing is not a melody, / The swing is not a disease

But as soon as you liked it / It takes you and never lets go! "

said Johnny Hess in his song. What will it be for you? Without wanting to predict the result, we have our little idea…

Excellent festival to all… And keep swinging!


Thierry Bourguignon, Art Director

2014  - 17th Autumn Festival



The whole Jazz team at La Sout is happy to meet you for the 17th edition of its jazz festival. If this is THE musical meeting expected in the fall, it is also much more than that.

Indeed, in a context where our institutions are revisited, the departments questioned, the specificity of rural living spaces treated on the fringes, the organization and the life of many festivals weakened, we have the audacity to think Jazz at The Sout as the very example of a true local cultural policy. This constantly evolving event thus demonstrates that culture in rural areas, often victims of prejudice on the artistic quality of projects, is actually an asset for the vitality and dynamism of our territories and an opportunity to strengthen their attractiveness. Over the years, thanks to the permanence of a diversified program of high quality and the fame of its artists, the Festival d'automne en Creuse de Jazz at La Sout has become a major cultural event in our region and well- of the.

For three weeks, in conjunction with other permanent local cultural players, Jazz à La Sout will go, to meet the Creusoises and Creusois but also all the other festival-goers, to propagate the rebellious spirit of jazz in a kind of "nomadism" musical ”and create the beautiful fusion of jazz with a loyal audience, eager to share this music with rhythms imbued with multiple influences that make its richness.

Jazz at La Sout would not exist without this passionate public, without its numerous partners, without the existing synergy with the federated associations within Musique (s) en Marche and its logistical support, without Invested Professionals and without a Team of volunteers strongly committed.

You will understand, Jazz at La Sout, it is music - particularly jazz - as a means put at the service of a logic of development and enhancement of the territory; It is a great human adventure, creating ties and social cohesion that we invite you to share.

Very good festival to all.


Françoise Philbet

President of Jazz at La Sout, 1st Vice-president of Musique (s) en Marche

2013  - 16th Autumn Festival



The Jazz Festival at La Sout is no longer to be presented… At the same time if, a little anyway, because the team of enthusiasts who have animated it every year for 16 years now strives to constantly renew the genre, to always offer original programming.

The 2013 vintage will not fail to tradition. While the previous edition had declined the theme of voices in jazz, this time the brass will be in the spotlight and the Creuse will welcome the finest of French jazz playing trumpet, trombone or tuba. But it will not only be French, of course, and New Orleans will be couldn't be more brilliantly represented, with the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, a world-renowned band returned for an exceptional tour in France, where it had blown more in 15 years! And so it will be at La Souterraine, the cradle of the “made in 23” swing!

But Jazz à La Sout is not a local festival, it has proven it for a long time and confirms it again this year. It is the meeting place for jazz in Creuse, which will also visit new horizons, such as Aubusson or the CIATE Creuse-Thaurion-Gartempe, with which new collaborations are born. “Jazz for everyone and everywhere” is the motto of the organizers that can also be found in Bonnat, Bourganeuf, Boussac, Gentioux-Pigerolles, Guéret, Mérinchal, Saint-Germain-Beaupré, Saint-Sulpice-le-Dunois or again Saint-Vaury, followed by a veil of joyful notes…

Bring jazz to the four corners of the department, multiply the opportunities for meetings and sharing, at the foot of a stage, during a cinema projection or by strolling through a photo exhibition, this is the Jazz à La method. Support to satisfy both discerning music lovers and invite laymen to rediscover one ear, one look.

This year again, like all the others since the start of the adventure, the General Council is happy to be able to support this process and wishes everyone a wonderful musical evening.


Jean-Jacques Lozach

President of the General Council of Creuse

Senator of the Creuse

"I don't like Jazz but that I like". This is how very skillfully a large record label presented its “jazz collection”. Why think that jazz is necessarily "intellectual" music reserved for an elite?
Stan Getz said "jazz is a game. It is the expression of what I am, what I feel, how happy I am, how tender I am, that's all. "
If you look closely at the program of our 16th Autumn Festival concocted by Thierry, there are bound to be several concerts for you because there is something for everyone.
And if you know nothing about jazz, take a chance and come see us.
You will have 0.0000000000000000000000000000000001% risk of being disappointed !!
Excellent festival to all. Jazzically yours.

Claude Laroudie, President of Jazz at La Sout, 1st Vice-president of Musique (s) en Marche

Born in New Orleans, jazz mainly had its first successes in the street thanks to brass bands, heirs of military bands which punctuated - and still punctuate today - the life of the inhabitants playing for all kinds of occasions, too good at picnics, carnivals, political meetings than of course famous funerals.

Also for this 16th edition, we wanted to give pride of place to the brass of these famous jazz bands around various repertoires ranging from traditional jazz to contemporary jazz through swing, be bop or even soul.

Present in both the largest cities in the department and in the smallest municipalities, our festival continues to promote jazz in all its forms as close as possible to people, thanks to the arrival of artists steeped in talent and enjoying for many 'between them of national and even international renown.

We have no doubt that this year again, more and more of you will share with all the volunteers and the various partners - without whom this event could not exist - convivial moments full of emotions and so enriching!

Very good festival to all.


Thierry Bourguignon, Art Director

2012  - 15th Autumn Festival



Already 15 years! The Jazz team at La Sout is back on track for a new edition of its Autumn Festival, now a must in the Creuse cultural landscape. On the theme of voices in jazz, the proposed meetings will honor jazz, in all its components: from New Orleans standards to gypsy jazz, without forgetting soul and blues.

With this in mind, local groups will take center stage: Ladies Pop, Swing Time and others. But also formations with national and even international renown: thus Les Haricots Rouges and their 47 years of bottle, the Glenn Ambassadors Big Band and its twenty musicians to pay homage to jazz of the 1940s and the South Africans of Chengetai & Supreme Jika, who will swing Boussac!

The jazz recipe at La Sout: a good dose of requirement with a touch of pedagogy for a result that is both accessible and of high quality. Bonnat, Bourganeuf, Boussac, Gentioux, Gouzon, Guéret, Mérinchal, Saint-Germain-Beaupré, Saint-Maurice-la-Souterraine, Saint-Sébastien, Saint-Vaury… No less than a dozen municipalities will benefit from the event . Because the objective is the following: to bring jazz to the four corners of the department, to delight music lovers and conquer the laymen. Meetings, discoveries and sharing are the watchwords of a festival which spills a good dose of love for music each year.

The General Council is happy to be able to support this process and wishes everyone a wonderful musical evening.


Jean-Jacques Lozach, President of the General Council of Creuse, Senator of Creuse

You all know the famous quote by Jean-Paul Sartre in the America magazine of 1947:

“Jazz music is like bananas, it is consumed on the spot! "

However, you are not without having noticed that, on the banana plantations, the Creuse had accumulated a certain delay… not to say a certain delay!

This is the reason why we come to serve you on a tray, near your home, the jazz that you like because there is something for everyone: from the most traditional jazz to the most contemporary compositions, all interpreted by artists of great renown or sometimes less known but still very talented.

So don't forget: five fruits or vegetables a day ... but in the absence of bananas ... eat jazz !!


Jazzically yours,


Claude Laroudie, President of Jazz at La Sout, 1st Vice-president of Musique (s) en Marche

This fifteenth edition gives pride of place to song, voice and invites you to a sort of initiatory journey from the edge of the Mississippi to Broadway, from southern Africa to the West Indies via Harlem or even rue de Lappe .

After a hundred years of existence jazz takes on various and varied forms today but remains as alive and captivating Thanks to a program that we hope to be eclectic and of quality, it only remains for us to wish you live great moments of emotion and sharing with these artists of the moment who are called jazz musicians while letting you meditate on the thought of Jelly Roll Morton: "It is not so much what you play that matters but the way you play it. "

Good festival to all.


Thierry Bourguignon, Art Director

2011  - 14th Autumn Festival



For this fourteenth edition, the Jazz Autumn Festival at La Sout will once again make the whole department swing to jazz standards, soul music accents as well as gypsy music rhythms.

Between the musical requirement and the popular dimension, this festival, now essential in our department, does not choose. The team that animates it with passion is betting on popular education, the choice to promote jazz, and more broadly music, everywhere in the Creuse region. A successful bet, the success of which is sure to continue with this edition which pays homage to the great names of jazz.

Chéniers, Boussac, Bourganeuf, Gentioux, Gouzon, Guéret, Mérinchal, Saint-Maurice-la-Souterraine, Saint-Sulpice-le-Dunois, Saint-Vaury ... From the Sostranian cradle of the festival, these are ten towns, regulars or not these meetings, which go to meet great musicians or singers, sometimes become legendary, like Lester Young, Eddy Louiss, Louis Prima or Otis Redding.

Jazz at La Sout '? Between music, passion and meeting, a real art of living around a few chords and melodies…

The General Council is therefore very happy to be able to accompany this departmental festival and wishes everyone a beautiful musical evening.


Jean-Jacques LOZACH, Senator for Creuse

President of the General Council of Creuse

An electoral period is looming, bringing expectations and hopes for some, generating disappointments and disappointments for others ... However, certain activities remain unifying; the music is of these. She inspired me this poem for which rest assured that I will not apply to the French Academy:


The trumpeter is a communist
The harmony band votes for Aubry
The drum will be Montebourg
Piano rolls for Borloo
The flautist is Sarkozyste
The helicon without opinion
The oboist is an anarchist
The bagpipe has fun
The baritone is Mélenchon
The timpani supports Royale



Claude Laroudie, President of Jazz at La Sout, 1st Vice-president of Musique (s) en Marche

The harpsichord is more like Baroin
The trombonist who doesn't care
Surely will vote Bayrou
The harmonica… DSK
And the battery ... Eva Joly
As for the viola, he boasts
He will support François Hollande
And all these people, all these good people
It's amazing, play at the same time.
Isn't there a draft of social cohesion?

Sometimes tender, violent, moving, funny, hysterical, jazz continues, today as yesterday, to touch the soul and the heart of those who listen to it.
From Scott Joplin to Roy Hargrove, including Louis Armstrong, Django Reinhardt, Charlie Parker, Thelonious
Monk, Charles Mingus, Martial Solal and many others, jazz musicians have never stopped innovating, inventing, shaking up.

Animated by a thirst for freedom, most of the time ignoring the dictates of fashion and the market, our “modern heroes” knew in their own way, and undoubtedly better than anyone, how to show the way of mixing, empowerment and sharing.

Also, we wished through this 14th edition of the Autumn Festival in Creuse de Jazz at La Sout, not only to evoke a musical genre, but to pay a special tribute to all these creators of genius who knew how to transmit to young generations the meaning of this music so that in turn, they can continue on this path, open new horizons, and thus continue to write new pages of this beautiful and great human adventure ...
We wish you all a very good festival 2011!

Thierry Bourguignon, Art Director

2010  - 13th Autumn Festival



The Jazz Autumn Festival at La Sout is now an essential event in the cultural life of the Creuse. It is first of all through the quality of its programming, which has never wavered and which will still be very high quality on the occasion of this 13th edition, marked by the centenary of the birth of Django Reinhardt.
He is also known for his taste for meetings and sharing, reflected in the desire to offer his programming wherever possible. Born in La Souterraine, this festival has indeed irrigated with passion the whole departmental territory and this year, between October 13 and November 7, we can swing as well in La Souterraine as in Mérinchal, in Guéret or Montboucher, in Gouzon or Gentioux, in Bonnat or Saint-Michel-de-Veisse, in Saint-Sébastien or Boussac. And what about the event that will be the arrival of the American clarinetist Evan Christopher in Saint-Vaury?


No doubt it must be concluded that Jazz à La Sout does indeed offer a great departmental festival. The General Council is therefore very happy to be able to accompany him and wishes great evenings to the spectators who will be able to come in large numbers to his meetings.

Jean-Jacques Lozach, President of the General Council of Creuse, Senator of Creuse

Leaving to contradict the entire scientific community, I would like to praise jazz and swing addiction here, and demonstrate the benefits. You will understand, this addiction is both my advice and my fight, because it is not given to all and requires pugnacity and perseverance.

For this reason, here is the prescription whose observance must be rigorous, and which will assure you a perfect addiction and above all an irreversible addiction. Upon rising, a dose or two (no more) of Stan Getz will give you a peaceful awakening. At noon, just before a meal, a Duke Ellington tablet will whet your appetite. At the end of lunch, a pinch of Louis Armstrong or Ella Fitzgerald will aid digestion. Throughout the afternoon, Count Basie in spun doses will assure you physical and intellectual relaxation. Never forget a Coleman Hawkins capsule in the evening (alternating with Charlie Parker inhalations). In the evening (dosage to be adapted to each), in granules, drops or ampoules, Miles Davis, John Coltrane or Dizzy Gillespie ad libitum.


It is only at this price that you will reach a certain serenity and why not ... Nirvana.
Medicojazzalas utterly yours.

Claude Laroudie, President of Jazz at La Sout, 1st Vice-president of Musique (s) en Marche

On the occasion of the centenary of the birth of this genius musician who was Django Reinhardt, we wanted to place this 13th Autumn Festival in Creuse de Jazz at La Sout under the sign of travel.
A fusion music if ever there was one, jazz knew how to feed itself in a century of multiple influences and lend itself to many crossbreeds, which we also wanted to make you discover on the occasion of this new edition. For four weeks, like nomads, we will crisscross with the Festival trailers the roads of our department to establish our camp in no less than 13 municipalities. Through the 18 meetings offered this year, our 75 troubadours and other acrobats will not fail to share with you their passion for this jazz music that is both timeless, festive and touching, which will undoubtedly push you irresistibly. pounding and snapping your fingers.

So don't hesitate for a moment, quickly pack your suitcase and join the great Jazz caravan at La Sout!

To all of you, have a great trip, an excellent festival and… keep swingin '!

Thierry Bourguignon, Art Director

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