Festival JALS 2020
Festival JALS 2020

En attendant le 23e Festival ... Rive Gauche Trio invite Benoît de Flamesnil "Juliette et Cora se souviennent..." 11 octobre - La Souterraine © Photo : Martine Prunier / Creusographie

Festival JALS 2020
Festival JALS 2020

En attendant le 23e Festival ... Caïman Swing invite Éric Luter 18 octobre - Bourganeuf © Photo : Patrick Bravin / Creusographie

Festival JALS 2019
Festival JALS 2019

Jazz à La Sout 2019 Concert de clôture - ODC Starmania Au chant, Leclair Élisabeth et Uvodic Sophie © Roland Niord

Festival JALS 2020
Festival JALS 2020

En attendant le 23e Festival ... Rive Gauche Trio invite Benoît de Flamesnil "Juliette et Cora se souviennent..." 11 octobre - La Souterraine © Photo : Martine Prunier / Creusographie





This year, the events linked to the Covid-19 pandemic are forcing us to postpone the 23rd edition of the Festival d'Automne de Jazz à La Sout.

However, starting this fall, we are offering 3 concerts for which we will be pleased to welcome you while waiting for the 2021 program!

For more information, go to the PROGRAMMING tab



General presentation


Musique(s) en Marche is a 1901 law association born in 2007 from the merger of the Departmental Union of Musical Societies of Creuse and Jazz à La Sout.

It articulates its activities around musical awareness, ensemble practice and dissemination.

It has around a hundred adherent members (associations, municipalities, health establishments and individual members), or nearly 600 natural persons.


Achievements in 2019 and 2020 projects…


A hundred days of cultural actions

2 flagship events (the Creuse Jazz Festival in La Sout and the Creuse Musical Societies Festival)

A large irrigated area (municipalities of Creuse and municipalities outside of Creuse)

A strong partnership policy with more than a hundred players in local life

Over 16,000 spectators reached


Our projects, our actions


MEM conducts awareness-raising actions with children, but also adults through the discovery of new artistic practices.


  • Interventions in schools

    • Choral project (school year 2018-2019): "Starmania in Swing", rock opera, revisited in jazz. The orchestra selected to support the project was the ODC Big Band. The presentation of the final project took place on June 18, 2019 at the Yves Furet Cultural Center in La Souterraine

    • Choir project of Guéret schools (2018-2019 school year): "Douce Ambiance chez Tonton Georges": The songs of Georges Brassens revisited in the manner of Django Reinhardt. On May 21, 2019, a concert on the songs of Georges Brassens arranged in the "gypsy jazz" fashion could thus be given at the Espace André Lejeune in Guéret, bringing together nearly 180 students accompanied by a jazz quintet, in front of more than 500 spectators. This initiative has been renewed since the start of the new school year in September 2019 around songs about Paris with the training "Sweet Note in Paris".


  • Interventions in health establishments.

For several years, as part of the Culture and Health program, MEM has been running an artistic creation and dissemination system, "Music and Health", aimed at health establishments. The “Music and Health” system is part of the regional “culture and health” program and is supported by the Guéret Hospital Center. It combines 15 Creusois and Musique (s) en Marche health establishments. For the 2019 session, as part of the system, a new cultural project co-constructed with the residents of the establishments, the animators and the artists was born. At the start of the project, the animators collected and recorded the words of the residents, their memories of ballroom youth. Musique (s) en Marche was thus able to put together a repertoire of sixteen songs around the history of the ball in France with the training "Au petit Bal lost" and record soundtracks for the residents and their hosts. At the same time, the players in the network worked in each establishment to create sets, search for accessories, produce an exhibition, programs, posters, etc. Several preparation meetings were held in 2019 between project partners in MeM premises. Five students from the IUT of Guéret, preparing a DUT Carrières Sociales and a graduate student at the CNR of Limoges, worked in partnership with Musique (s) en Marche on the implementation of the project. From January to April 2020, each establishment in the network will benefit from a Ball singing "Au petit bal perd" open to the outside public where everyone can dance and sing. A Grand Bal en chantant finale, scheduled for April 2020 at the end of the project, also open to the outside public and bringing together the residents of all the establishments in the network, will highlight the work and achievements of the latter and their leaders.


  • Another Urban Policy project had been launched at the start of the 2018 academic year. It was the "Heart of Women". This vocal practice training brings together around twenty women aged 18 to 76, either from the Albatros neighborhood, or involved in structures and associations campaigning for women's rights. Around a "militant" repertoire of songs tackling social issues, Élisabeth LECLAIR offers a three-voice vocal work based on original arrangements. This project also aims to integrate training into the life of the city. Four performances took place in 2019: on International Women's Day on March 8 at BMI Guéret, on the occasion of the Departmental Festival of Musical Societies on March 24 in Guéret, for a concert as part of Fridays from the Sheepfold to the Moutier in Ahun on July 12 and July 14 at the invitation of the Prefecture and the Departmental Council for the garden party. An instrumental trio (guitar, double bass, drums) accompanied this choir for each of its performances. This social innovation project is the subject of significant financial support from the DDCSPP of Creuse.


  • Junior orchestras: For the 2019-2020 school year, with local music companies, MEM continues to conduct a project of youth orchestras in Bourganeuf, La Souterraine, Guéret, led by the harmony conductors (Elodie COTET and Bryan ADAMS), to create in each of these municipalities a junior orchestra or a neighborhood orchestra. The project is based on a fun teaching method (feeling, understanding, learning) which highlights group pedagogy. These courses are open to children from 7 to 12 years old. It is planned for a period of 2 to 3 years, at the rate of a meeting of 1 hour per week, on the rhythm of the school calendar. Additional time will be offered (meeting with all of the neighborhood orchestras, with the harmony orchestra or other groups from the orchestra, festive moments of the association, invitations to outings, etc.) depending opportunities.


Finally, Musique(s) en Marche can count on human resources:


  • over 600 active volunteer members

  • 15 volunteer directors on the Board of Directors

  • 6 permanent employees

  • 255 hirings of intermittent workers in 2019

  • several musical groups (from the chamber orchestra to the large harmony orchestra)

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