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It is with regret and with a certain sadness that our Board of Directors had, due to the health constraints linked to Covid-19, resolve to postpone the 23rd edition of the Festival d'Automne en Creuse de Jazz to 2021 in the Sout '. However, thinking of you, faithful among the faithful of this fall cultural event, we wanted to imagine a special formula called "Waiting for the 23rd Festival", with 3 concerts and three guests of honor in the concert halls at La Souterraine, Bourganeuf and Guéret. The entire Festival team is therefore expecting many of you for these three exceptional events which should, without a doubt, delight lovers of Jazz music like you.


We look forward to seeing you soon!

Thierry bourguignon

Festival Director


Rive Gauche Trio invite Benoît de Flamesnil

"Juliette et Cora se souviennent …" 

La Souterraine | Dimanche 11 octobre | 16h00 |

Centre culturel Yves Furet

Rive Gauche Trio Roland Niord
On the way to Saint-Germain-des-Prés, in the cellars and cabarets of the Latin Quarter. It was there, after the Liberation and until the 1960s, that the song known as “Rive Gauche” appeared.
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From one cabaret to another, we meet Simone de Beauvoir, Jean-Paul Sartre, Jacques Prévert, Boris Vian… And we discover young talents such as Barbara at L'Ecluse, Juliette Gréco at La Rose Rouge or Cora Vaucaire at L'Echelle de Jacob, without forgetting Léo Ferré, Jacques Brel, or even Marcel Mouloudji… “It was a magical moment with extraordinary freedom” recalls Juliette Gréco of this period.

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Rive Gauche trio revisits with swing and sensitivity some of the great songs that marked these great years, with lyrics that are both strong and carefree.

Through the memories of Juliette Gréco and Cora Vaucaire, you will let yourself be carried, rocked, surprised by all the poetry and freedom of the Rive Gauche spirit.

For the occasion, the trio wished to invite a prestigious musician, Benoît de Flamesnil. His exceptional sound, his sense of swing and improvisation make him one of the greatest classical jazz trombonists in France.


With Benoît de Flamesnil (trombone), Elisabeth Leclair (vocals), Thomas Ezékiel (piano), Thierry Bourguignon (drums), Elodie Cotet (narration)

Benoît De Flamesnil tromboniste

Caïman Swing invite Éric Luter 

Bourganeuf | Dimanche 18 octobre | 16h00 |

Salle culturelle Confluences

Caïman Swing groupe jazz
This jazz band is in the pure tradition of the "hot" formations of the years 1920-1930.
On the program: great standards paying homage to illustrious musicians such as King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, Jimmy Noone, or to famous brass bands such as the Hurricane, the Olympia, or even the Hurricane of trumpeter Leroy Jones.

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Claiming this musical heritage based essentially on collective improvisation, the musicians of Caïman Swing have however been able to feed on everything that has been done since.

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With each performance of the orchestra, the public is undoubtedly drawn into a kind of whirlwind which is reminiscent of the frenzied atmosphere of clubs or parades in New Orleans, where musicians, dancers and spectators do nothing but 'one, to everyone's delight.

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The icing on the cake, they will be accompanied by a distinguished guest: the trumpeter and singer Éric Luter, member of numerous formations and founder of the Triocéphale vocal group specializing in French swing song. He performs regularly in Parisian jazz clubs and in numerous festivals in France and abroad.


With Éric Luter (trumpet, vocals), Christian Vaudecranne (soprano saxophone), Lionel Raffin (clarinet), Sylvain Roudier (tenor saxophone), Robert Lequitte (banjo), Bryan Adams (sousaphone), Thierry Bourguignon (washboard)

Eric Luter photo Roland Niord jazz trompette

To note :

2020 edition! Festive and musical summary at Ciné des Villes, Ciné des Champs, in partnership with Jazz à la Sout.

Thursday October 22 6 p.m.-midnight - Claude Miller Cinema in Bourganeuf.

Information from the Lavaudsoubranne Association on +33 (0)6 11 24 23 59.


Le Quartet invite Édouard Wallyn

Guéret | Dimanche 8 novembre | 16h00 |

Espace André Lejeune

le quartet jazz Guéret

It was after an impromptu concert in Limoges that our four friends found themselves with as evidence, the desire to create and share the happiness of playing together. From there was born "The Quartet".

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The spirit of these four talented musicians approaches that of a cooperative. A common movement for the whole. Four forces that unite in listening, respect, sharing. Luxury...

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It is essential for them to mix classicism and modernity. The repertoire is that of traditional formations but it is played in a current style as in the clubs of New Orleans. All of them have had the opportunity to play there and even for some to record there.

The clarinet and the trumpet dialogue wonderfully over counterpoints, shifts and surprises; these gentlemen are having a great time. The piano and washboard rhythm combines flexibility and dynamics, energy and restraint, madness and subtlety (yes!).

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

And for your greatest pleasure, a talented guest will join the Quartet in the person of Edouard Wallyn. Holder of a master's degree in jazz from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, this young and very talented trombonist was the pupil of one of the greatest jazzmen in Belgium, Phil Abraham nicknamed "the Chet Baker of the trombone".


With Edouard Wallyn (trombone), Jérôme Gatius (clarinet), Alexis Bourguignon (trumpet), Alain Barrabès (piano), Thierry Bourguignon (washboard)

Edouard Wallyn trombone photo Martine Prunier.jpg jazz

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